Counterpoint Community Orchestra Concert

This was the big night that Erika had been practicing for months: playing in CCO’s performance of Beethoven’s 9th Symphony. I had been asked to bring my camera equipment along, having taken a few pictures for the orchestra at a previous concert.

The event was held at the University of Toronto’s MacMillan Theatre, which is a nice large, acoustically robust stage. I’d been in this theatre before, taking in an opera performed by U. of T. student from about a year ago, so I already had a good idea as to the place’s layout, and where to set up in order to get some good pictures.

Vanessa had fractured her foot only a few days before, so we had borrowed a wheelchair so that we could get her to the concert. Thankfully she was in no pain, and managed to hop the few steps over to the seat we ended up taking in the balcony, where I set up my camera and tripod.

Before the concert started, I managed to make my way down to the main level and take a few shots of people practicing before the concert started.

The conductor in a blue t-shirt and jeans during the final practice.

The string section listening to the conductor’s final words of encouragement.

Practicing her cello

Practicing on the double-bass.

The first piece was a flute concerto in d minor by C.P.E. Bach, with Jennifer Langton dressed in a gold sequined dress playing flute with the woodwinds.

Jennifer Langton taking her bows

The chorus taking their seats for Beethoven’s 9th Symphony
The conductor addressing the audience on the subject of Beethoven’s 9th Symphony.

Conductor explaining how the various parts of the piece come together.

Erika on trumpet, our neighbour Dave beside her.

Tympany and strings
Everybody assembled for the final movement

Close-up of part of the chorus
Close-up of another part of the chorus, with Erika and Dave playing trumpet below.

Jennifer Raxor (soprano) and Martha Spence (mezzo soprano)

Trombones and strings

More of the string section

The conclusion of the performance, and everyone takes their bows.

It was a good, stirring performance. Beethoven would have been pleased.

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