September, 2009

Celebrities at “Word on the Street”

Alt. cartoonist Chester Brown signing a copy of his Louis Riel

Margaret Atwood, taken from just outside a packed tent with me using full zoom on my telephoto

One of the TVO Kids TV Hosts On Stage

Jian Ghomeshi and a Literary Panel on Stage

My own little celebrity, Annie, at the Where the Wild Things Are promo cutout

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A Bear and a Kite

While I was taking the dog (and my kids) for a walk down by the boardwalk, we saw a man flying a trick kite down by the beach. He gave us a good little show, including some precision flying where he managed to pick up a plush bear (that had a “T” hook in it) from the ground using his kite. Here are a couple of pictures I took of it.

Shortly after picking up the bear

This somewhat surreal shot of a bear seemingly hovering in air simply crops out the t-bar and the lower edge of the kite holding it. I enhanced the colours in the picture somewhat to make the scene to further emphasize the oddness of the image.

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Another Attempt at Astrophotography: The Moon Through a Telescope

Saw the moon appear under clear skies, and I decided to take another try at taking a picture of it — this time trying to see whether I could use my camera along with my little Meade ETX 60 telescope.

After about an hour of fiddling with the telescope’s focus along with my camera on a tripod and playing with many, many exposure settings, the following pic was arguably the best of the bunch I shot.

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Trip to the CNE with the Girls

Trip to the CNE with the Girls

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Excursion to Livingstone Park in Markham

Some things seen (and photographed) in Livingstone Park in Markham, near where I work.

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