June, 2010

Shanghai World Expo

Am lucky enough to be at a localization summit in Shanghai just when the World Expo is running. My hotel was actually relatively close to one of the main entrances, and since I had a day before the summit started, I took the opportunity to spend what time I could there.

My colleague Keith Cai (who is resident in Shanghai) was very kind and managed to go very early in the morning in order to get me some timed tickets/passport stamps that would save me time in line at some of the pavilions on the grounds of the Expo. This was a good things since I had read report of people waiting up to seven hours in line in order to get into some of the pavilions.

Was amazed at just how extensive it all was; a day’s visit really didn’t do it justice.

Here’s my modest photo gallery of what I was able to see on my visit there:

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Hamilton Airshow 2010

Had a great time with David Roy as we headed to the Hamilton Airshow and admired all of the planes flying by for what was a perfect day for flying (and for taking pictures). Here’s a selection of what I shot with my camera:

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