Some Fauna (and Some Flora) from Georgian Bay

Am guessing that this is some sort of mayfly. Was at least 6-8 cm long.

The most fascinating creature I managed to take pics of was this Eastern Fox Snake that lived in a hole in the rock between the two cabins. Saw him (or her?) three times in one day, so I managed to take a lot of pics. This was a long one, I would guess at least 1.3 meters in length. I bet there are a lot fewer mice on the island thanks to this snake.

Beautiful but deadly: a foxglove plant that has insinuated itself in a patch of ground not far from the cabins. Luckily the other adults knew what it was and warned the kids away from it.

This giant green dragonfly (I would guess about 10-12 cm in length) landed on a rock and was patient enough to not only let me take plenty of pictures, but even to let me change lenses so that I could get close enough to use the macro lens.

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