Chinese Autumn Moon Festival Lunch Includes Tentacles!

I was invited to join in for lunch at a local Dim Sum place in Markham (near where I work) by some of my colleagues who hail from mainland China. The lunch was to celebrate the mid-Autumn festival, also known as the “Moon Festival”.

One of my favorite dim sum dishes is squid. I saw cuttlefish on the menu and asked for that. It wasn’t what I expected, and though it may look unappetizing to some (Bill didn’t even touch it 😉 I enjoyed it thoroughly.

Cuttlefish tentacles

Another pic of them

One of my colleagues mentioned that they liked jellyfish, and asked if I would like to try it. I was game, and tried it as well. More tentacles, chewy and a bit crispy in a light vinegar-based sauce, served with slices of beef. Yum!

Beef slices and jellyfish tentacles

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