About Me

I am a just-past-mid-40-something guy who lives in The Beaches part of Toronto with my wife and two daughters (plus dog, cat, budgies and goldfish).

I’ve been hosting this blog since 2001, and over time it has evolved to being a showcase for my pictures. It is not a particular blog about any particular subject other than myself, my family and my interests.

My interests include photography, history (especially of Ancient Egypt, which has held a special interest since I was a boy), special events, as well as fauna and flora.

I am not a professional photographer, just a dedicated amateur. My camera of choice is Olympus (love their four-thirds format, colour fidelity in their CCDs and the relatively compact nature of their lenses) and my chief camera is a much-battered E-510. My lens of choice are my macro lens or one of two telephotos — the 300mm for bird photography in decent light conditions, the heavier f2 200mm for not-as-distant things where either the light is poor or I need to capture action.

For information on licensing images see this page, and you can contact me at: captmondo@gmail.com.