Day One of the DITA Europe Conference in Frankfurt: Part Two

I woke up a few hours later, having unfortunately missed lunch and a few presentations in the process. I ended up seeing two further presentations that day: “Moving to DITA – An Engineering Case Study” and “Best Practice for Global Industry: DITA as a Competitive and Strategic Advantage”. Both presentations were good, but neither of them told me anything much that I didn’t already know, having already been working with DITA professionally for some time now.

Before I knew it was time for dinner, and there was a group heading to the nearby Corner Steak House. Their specialty was servings of various types of steak cuts served up sizzling on a slab of hot lava rock. So about forty of us descended on the place, with the intention of talking about semiconductor specializations for DITA while we waited for our meal. With forty of us there, we ended up waiting a long time; it was a full half hour before our beer orders were filled, and well over an hour before we got our particular pieces of sizzling steak (mine was the spicy hot pot variety, which was excellent, though by the time I got it I was ravenous). Met some interesting contacts both in the semiconductor business as well as a couple of the organizers for the conference.

The Corner Steak House, Frankfurt
The Corner Steak House, Frankfurt (Picture Taken the Following Day)

Waiting for the Food at the Corner Steak House
Waiting for the Food at the Corner Steakhouse (with Michael Priestley, sans Tie and Suit, at the Head of the Table)

At dinner’s conclusion I headed back to the hotel and gratefully went to bed for a full night’s sleep.

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