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This is very much an ongoing project -- trying to get a complete set of radio logs for the Frantic Times radio series. Much of what follows is derived (admittedly second-hand) from date information from the original CBC open reel tapes containing the shows. Unfortunately, only the month and year of the show was recorded (if that), leaving the broadcast dates for a number of shows in some doubt (especially for those of seasons three and four). Thankfully the tapes were also numbered, with two shows recorded per tape. It does seem that sometimes the "second" show on the tape was sometime the first to be played, so some of the dates listed below may be off by a week in some circumstances (and hopefully not more than that! ;-) So what follows is my best reconstruction for what is the most likely original air dates for the shows.

Also note that the names given for the shows and individual skits are the names I have given them -- they should not be construed as being "official". I have done my best to provide descriptive names for the skits to help those fans who do have tapes to better identify what they have. The titles I've provided for the shows are usually what I thought was the "showcase" skit for that show.

If you happened to have taped the show when it was originally aired (like me) and then dated them (unlike me), please email me with your info!

(And before you ask, yes, I do have copies of all of the recordings listed below. ;-)

"Frantic Times" Radio Series

  • 1st Season
  • 2nd Season
  • 3rd Season
  • 4th Season
  • Fran of the Fundy
  • The Frantics Look at History
  • Post-"Frantic Times" Radio Series

  • Those People Across the Street
  • Growing Up and Having Babies
  • Running with Scissors with Mr. Interesting
  • Mr. Interesting's Guide to the Continental United States

  • 1st Season

    November 6 1981 - April 16 1982
    24 Shows Total
    Show was broadcast on Fridays during the second hour of "Variety Tonight"

    1. "Rent-A-Witness" - November 6 1981
    2. "Cruelty to Dinosaurs" - November 13 1981
    3. "Make Me Laugh Game Show" - November 20 1981
    4. "Invasion of the Butter-Snatchers" - November 27 1981
    5. "Modernizing the Post Office" - December 4 1981
    6. "A Salute to the Medical Profession" - December 11 1981
    7. "Budget Night" - December 18 1981
    8. "The Merry Xmas Show" - December 25 1981
    9. "The First Draft of King Lear" - January 1 1982
    10. "Cloning is Dangerous" - January 8 1982
    11. "Isn't That the Damndest" - January 15 1982
    12. "A Tribute to The Military" - January 22 1982
    1. "Trudeau's Resignation" - January 29 1982
    2. "It's Gretzsky Night in Canada" - February 5 1982
    3. "To Poland with Love" - February 12 1982
    4. "Heckling Abe Lincoln" - February 19 1982
    5. "What if the NDP Were in Power in Ottawa?" - February 26 1982
    6. "Reach for the Top" - March 5 1982
    7. "The Horrors of Fruit Cocktail" - March 12 1982
    8. "Reach for the Bottom" - March 19 1982
    9. "Really People" - March 26 1982
    10. "The Dating Game" - April 2 1982
    11. "Chicks, Try To Figure 'Em" - April 9 1982
    12. "The Whole Earth Game Show" - April 16 1982

    Show #1
    - November 6 1981
    Frantic Times Goes to Press
    Hinterland's Who's Who: The Black Duck
    Act Your Age Game Show
    Edie Pleasant's Household Hints
    Song: Neatness Counts
    What's Playing in Ottawa
    Men Don't Even Bother Watching
    A Picnic in Northern Ireland

    Show #2
    "Cruelty to Dinosaurs"
    - November 13 1981
    Frantic Times Goes to Press
    Secret Meeting of the Canadian S.I.A.
    Robert Service's Weather Report
    Assessing the Sexual Revolution
    Letters to the Frantics
    Suicide Watch (Ad: Manfred's Garlic Rings)
    Premiers Discuss How to Handle the Constitutional Debate
    Mr. Liar Talks about Cruelty to Dinosaurs
    Ted Krinkle Investigates Prostitution in Calgary
    Ballad of Kid Galois
    Song: Grade 3 is Killing Me

    Note: The first show to feature a product from the fictitious "Mansfred's" company. Also the first show to feature the "Roland Grit" character, host of the long-running "Suicide Watch" series of skits.

    Show #3
    "Make Me Laugh Game Show"
    - November 20 1981
    Frantic Times Goes to Press
    Make Me Laugh Game Show
    Capt. Fifi of the CRTC Police
    Song: Stupid Allouettes
    Public Servants Under Stress
    Mr. Friendly's Medley of Via Rail Songs

    Show #4
    "Invasion of the Butter-Snatchers"
    - November 27 1981
    Frantic Times Goes to Press
    Date Interrupted by a Submarine
    Come to the 1988 Calgary Olympics Games
    Song: Another Bloody Royal Mouth to Feed
    The Geneva Talks Game Show
    Invasion of the Butter-Snatchers
    Broccoli Deficiency
    Carpentry with Wood: Building a Bomb Shelter

    Show #5
    "Modernizing the Post Office"
    - December 4 1981
    Frantic Times Goes to Press
    Song: He Had a Butcher's Heart *
    Modernizing the Post Office
    Joe Clark Calls a Square Dance
    Ad: DelMundi Chocolate Pudding
    Dr. Dornhoffer's Medical Advice
    Mr. Friendly's CanCon Nursery Rhymes
    It's a Funny World with Allan Smith
    Song: Praise the Lord, I Found the Right

    Note: First show to feature the "Allan Smith" character, who never really understood what was going on around him (which is why his world always seemed so "funny" to him).

    Show #6
    "A Salute to the Medical Profession"
    - December 11 1981
    Doctor Having a Hard Day
    Newton Feeb Visits a General Practitioner
    A Doctor Testifies in Court
    Sammy the Elephant Show: Hospitals
    A Secret Medical Emergency
    Doctors Doing Ads
    Man With Too Much to Die For
    Stitches Game Show

    Note: The first show to feature a "Sammy the Elephant Show" skit. This character actually pre-dates the Frantics, and was originally part of Dan Redican's stage show.

    Show #7
    "Budget Night"
    - December 18 1981
    Budget Night
    Confronting the Other Man
    Ad: Hanser D'Amour
    PSA: Smokey the Bear
    Carpentry with Wood: Making a Campfire
    Dressing for a Fire
    Interview with Al MacNeil of The Calgary Flames
    In Love with Barbie
    It's a Funny World with Alan Smith: The Old Swimming Hole

    Note: The first show to feature the long-running characters "Lloyd Boyd" and his son "Monty".

    Show #8
    "The Merry Xmas Show"
    - December 25 1981
    Name That Prune Game Show
    Ad: Manfred's Season's Greetings
    How Much is That Doggy in the Window
    Office Xmas Party with Vladimir Naborikov
    God's American Excess Card
    Song: I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Clause
    Longette Watch
    Sammy the Elephant Xmas Show
    Gift-Giving at the Post Office
    Song: It's Xmas Dinner

    Show #9
    "The First Draft of King Lear"
    - January 1 1982
    Frantic Times Goes to Press
    Raising the Titanic
    Blowing Wayne Newton Away
    Ad: 1982 Ski Cat Snowmobile
    The First Woman in Space
    The New Archeologists
    Successors to Brezhnev
    The First Draft of King Lear
    Let's Be Frank with Frank Frankly: Cold War Politics in the 80s
    Coach Gives a Pep-Talk to the Saskatoon Snappers
    Song: Teddy the Keilbassa

    Show #10
    "Cloning is Dangerous"
    - January 8 1982
    Papan's Via Rail Surplus Warehouse
    The Bun Addict
    Cloning is Dangerous
    It's a Funny World with Alan Smith: Alan Smith's Dad
    Ad: Ed's Wine
    PSA: Drink if You Drink, Don't Drive
    The Human Race *
    Van Gogh's Ear**
    Song: Ain't She Sweet (Dedicated to Mom)

    Show #11
    "Isn't That the Damndest"
    - January 15 1982
    Chickens vs. Colonel Chicken Lickin' Good
    Monsters Are Bothering Mathers
    Song: This Finger's for You Mr. Trudeau
    Bill from Bala Buys a Bus Ticket (aka Isn't that the Damndest)
    Home Insulation Information from the Government
    Song: Albert Einstein

    Note: This was last regular show featuring Maggie Butterfield as a guest. It was also the last of the shows recorded at Yuk Yuk's Comedy Cabaret. The first show to feature the long running "Bill from Bala" character.

    Show #12
    "A Tribute to The Military"
    - January 22 1982
    A Communications Problem in the Canadian Military
    Sergeant Interviews a "Gay" Soldier
    Responding to the Soviet Bloc's Crackdown on Poland
    Military Passwords
    U.S.S. Iowa
    Ad: Get Training in the Canadian Military
    Buster Pule - Super Trooper: Flying into Germany
    Dinner at the Alliterative Restaurant
    The Siberian Death Camp Musical

    Note: This is the first show featuring Carolyn Scott as a guest. It is also the first show to be recorded at the Blue Orchid Room at the Ontario College of Art. First show to feature "Buster Pule - Super Trooper".

    Show #13
    "Trudeau's Resignation"
    - January 29 1982
    Rescue from Palmyra
    Trudeau's Resignation
    Frantic Times Sports Report: Fringe Sports
    Ad: The Wheatnoon 1800 Watch
    Frank, I Smell Smoke
    Ad: Renaissance Painting Warehouse
    Ed Wallace Speaks Out Loud: Behavioural Psychology
    Bert Boutette and His Barber Shop Quartet
    Man Fearing He is Turning Into a Woman
    Song: Bill Watson: Hero of the Miniature Railroad

    Show #14
    "It's Gretzsky Night in Canada"
    - February 5 1982
    The Boogens!
    Wayne Gretzsky Shopping Mall
    Review of Reagan's First Year in Power
    Buster Pule - Super Trooper: Captured by Nazis
    Song: You're Boring
    It's Gretzsky Night in Canada
    The National Jerk Convention
    Furniture Wars

    Show #15
    "To Poland with Love"
    - February 12 1982
    Ad: New Lite Beer
    Frantic Times Goes to Press Pt. 1
    Interrogating a Brick
    Ad: Give Her Me
    Frantic Times Goes to Press Pt. 2
    Ned Krinkle Reports on the Red Brigade
    Point-Counter-Point: Senseless Killing is Bad
    Sammy the Elephant: Valentine's Day Show
    Breakfast with Margery: General James Dozier
    Shanghai School of Broadcasting
    To Poland with Love

    Show #16
    "Heckling Abe Lincoln"
    - February 19 1982
    At Least Jane Isn't Smoking
    Frantic Times Sports: Interviewing Coach of Calgary Flames
    Heckling Abe Lincoln Part 1
    Male Prostitution in Canada
    Heckling Abe Lincoln Part 2
    Ad: Howie Meeker for Reese Career Services
    Suicide Watch: Man Who Dialed the Wrong Number
    National Enquirer Records
    Heckling Abe Lincoln Part 3
    Song: I'm Nuts for You and You're the Nut for Me

    Show #17
    "What if the NDP Were in Power in Ottawa?"
    - February 26 1982
    Karen Kain for Montcalm Mineral Water
    Ad: Stash for Life Lottery
    The Unexplainablistic: Have Aliens Visited Earth?
    Caspar the Friendly Defense Secretary
    It's a Funny World with Allan Smith: Sleeping with My Wife
    Hinterland's Who's Who: The Great Eastern Seal Hunter
    What If Theatre: What if the NDP Were in Power in Ottawa?
    Buster Pule - Super Trooper: The Dash to Switzerland
    Having an Affair with the Lawn
    Song: 1979

    Show #18
    "Reach for the Top"
    - March 5 1982
    Reach for the Top *
    Mrs. Sarnicky Makes a Commercial About Biff Detergent
    Smokey the Bear Questioned
    Announcement from the National Coalition of Mothers
    Satan's Choice Game Show
    Extreme Cold Weather Report
    Music That Introduces Science Shows
    Quennel and Mary: Quennel Gets Serious
    Song: Chemistry of Love

    Note: The first show to feature the long-running character "Quennel".

    Show #19
    "The Horrors of Fruit Cocktail"
    - March 12 1982
    Car Noises *
    Not-So-Famous Last Words
    Song: Buddy, Can You Spare a Stamp?
    The Duncan, Mike, Ted and Jeff Report: Street Signs
    Miss Fairbrass, New Secretary
    The Horrors of Fruit Cocktail
    Song: Get Back to Work Or I'll Shove That Damn Bell Up Your...
    Song: What Can't They Be Called Smith?

    Note: The first show to contain a "Duncan, Mike, Ted and Jeff Report" skit.

    Show #20
    "Reach for the Bottom"
    - March 19 1982
    Reach for the Bottom
    Not-So-Famous Last Words
    Bill from Bala: Snow Shoveling in Bala
    Frantic Times Sports Hotline
    Toronto Police Investigating Themselves
    Suicide Watch: Man Who Can't Live Without a Camero (Ad: Manfred's Roast Beef Cereal)
    Gross-out Competition
    Song: The Grass-Hopper People from France

    Show #21
    "Really People"
    - March 26 1982
    Mrs. Sarnicky Tries Simon's Cake Mix
    Really People
    J.L.'s Cheddar Slices
    Just Between Us Girls
    The Church of All Denominations
    Buster Pule - Super Trooper: In Occupied France
    Hinterland's Who's Who: The Great Yellow Snowplow
    Pizza Delivery Man
    Song: Nobody Likes Me

    Note: The first show to feature the character "Mrs. Sarnicky", who always loved any product the ad men were trying to pitch.

    Show #22
    "The Dating Game"
    - April 9 1982
    Students Run B.C. Parliament
    Afghanistan Becomes Russia's Vietnam
    Ad: Ed's Perfume *
    Not-So-Famous Last Words
    The Dating Game
    The Journal
    The Duncan, Mike, Ted and Jeff Report: Boats
    Quennel's Mom *

    Show #23
    "Chicks, Try To Figure 'Em"
    - April 9 1982
    Chicks, Try To Figure 'Em
    Mrs. Sarnicky Tries Dovey Toilet Tissue *
    Bill From Bala Goes to the CN Tower
    Unemployment Telethon
    Porno Industry Poem
    My Kind of People
    Mensa Meeting
    Song: It's For Science

    Show #24
    "The Whole Earth Game Show"
    - April 16 1982
    Ransom Demand
    Frantic Times Sports Report: Hunting Road Signs
    Ad: New Nothing
    The Whole Earth Game Show
    Song: The Atheist's Hymn
    Duncan, Michael, Ted and Jeff Report: How Quickly Can We Wrap Up Our Show?
    Doing a Survey on Extra-Marital Sex **
    Mr. Safety: Tips to Make Your Vacation Less Horrifying
    Andrews Corners: Nuclear Bomb Test Site
    Song: I'd Like Your Furniture

    2nd Season

    July 10/11 1982 - September 25/26 1982
    12 Shows Total
    Show was broadcast during the Air Farce's time slot (Saturdays @ 10:35pm on FM network, Sundays @ 1:05pm on AM network)

    1. [Lost show?] - July 10/11 1982
    2. "Last Will and Temperament" (aka "Boot to the Head") - July 17/18 1982
    3. "King of the Mole People" (aka "Odd Things") - July 24/25 1982
    4. "The Mommies" - July 31/August 1 1982
    5. "Death Wish VIII" - August 7/8 1982
    6. "Gross Me Out" - August 14/15 1982
    7. "Dare to Dream" - August 21/22 1982
    8. "Chump Radio" - August 28/29 1982
    9. "A Message from Phil" - September 4/5 1982
    10. "The Hunted" - September 11/12 1982
    11. "Fred Head Knows Too Much" - September 18/19 1982
    12. "Heaven is for Presbyterians" - September 25/26 1982

    Show #27
    [Unknown title]
    - July 10/11 1982
    (Possible Lost show? Could also be a simple mis-numbering of the original source tapes.)

    Show #28
    "Last Will and Temperament" (aka "Boot to the Head")
    - July 17/18 1982
    Vacation Organization
    It Was Hot in the City, Part 1 (The Inattentive, Ever-Narrating Private Eye)
    Talking at the Bus Stop (We're So Much Alike)
    National Geographic Looks at How Animals Adapt on the Etosha Pan
    It Was Hot in the City, Part 2
    Last Will and Temperament
    Hinterland's Who's Who: The Downtown Parking Lot
    It Was Hot in the City, Part 3
    Superhero High School Reunion
    Song: Insurance Agent Man

    Show #29
    "King of the Mole People" (aka "Odd Things")
    - July 24/25 1982
    Song: If I Could Speak French
    Emergency Pizza
    That's What I Think: Textbooks
    Lonely Guy in a Room Waiting for Someone to Call and Bring Love into an Empty Life
    The Mail Order Bride from the Philippines
    Explosives Testing
    The Journal
    King of the Mole People (aka "Odd Things") *
    Song: I'm Going Home Alone

    Note: "Odd Things" is the official name for the "King of the Mole People" sketch, which appeared on the Frantics' first album.

    Show #30
    "The Mommies"
    - July 31/August 1 1982
    Georgio O'Toole, The Irish-American One-Man Band Part 1
    The "I Wish I Was in Belgium" Society
    Sexual Fantasies
    Georgio O'Toole, The Irish-American One-Man Band Part 2
    Mr. Safety: Boating Safety Tips
    The Mommies
    Georgio O'Toole, The Irish-American One-Man Band Part 3
    Star Trek vs. Star Wars
    Song: I'm Unsympathetic

    Show #31
    "Death Wish VIII"
    - August 7/8 1982
    Ad: Death Wish VII
    Board Meeting at Imperialist Oil
    The Fable of the Good Brother and the Naughty Brother
    Fred Head with the Rock Club Update
    Tom and Barb's Hardware Store
    Ed Wallace Talks Out Loud: Prejudice Against Fish
    Eating at the Fanciest Restaurant in Town
    Ad: Grocery World
    Adventures in Inverted Reality Medicine Theater
    Song: One Note Song

    Show #32
    "Gross Me Out"
    - August 14/15 1982
    Warning Against Taping Frantic Times #1
    Ad: Smack Toothpaste
    Gross Me Out Game Show
    Gossip at Home
    Thinking Without a Permit
    Warning Against Taping Frantic Times #2
    Police Go On Strike
    Wearing a Hat
    Song: Dyslexic Version of "Over the Rainbow"
    Warning Against Taping Frantic Times #3

    Show #33
    "Dare to Dream"
    - August 21/22 1982
    Newton Feeb Announces Monster Drag-Race
    Helping Out in The Rose Garden
    Man Buried Up to His Head in Cement in the Sidewalk
    Bill from Bala Buys a Movie Ticket
    Here's What I Think: Somebody Should Ban Brooke Shields
    Dare to Dream Game Show
    Talking Cheese
    Song: (I Go, We Go) Yugoslavia

    Show #34
    "Chump Radio"
    - August 28/29 1982
    Hinterland's Who's Who: The Dead Animal on the Road
    Gawain Attempts to Fight a Dragon
    Ad: Wheatnoon Weld-o-matic
    Chump Radio (aka Funeral for a DJ)
    Business is a Game (Monopoly)
    A Real Estate Agent Shows a House to Mr. and Mrs. Discerning
    Ad: At Ford Quality Is Job #1
    Suicide Watch: The Beautiful, Smart Woman (Manfred's Beach Bread)
    Song: Michael the Fish

    Show #35
    "A Message from Phil"
    - September 4/5 1982
    Mrs. Sarnicky Tries Parker's Peanut Butter
    Selling One's Soul for a Newspaper
    A Message from Phil, Part 1
    Horvath's House of Shirriff Pudding Hockey Coin Plaques
    National Teenagers Decency League
    Wife Killed by a Pressure Cooker
    Song: Punk Square Dance
    A Message from Phil, Part 2
    Marrying Frankenstein
    Song: Problem with Rhymes Song
    A Message from Phil, Part 3

    Show #36
    "The Hunted"
    - September 11/12 1982
    Ad: The Hunted
    Running Dog-Pygmalion
    The Lottery Winner
    Fred Head's Rock Club Update
    Carrying Jennifer's School Books Home
    Piano Lessons
    French-Canadian Hockey Fighters of the West
    Clean Up Your Room *
    Song: Starting Today

    Show #37
    "Fred Head Knows Too Much"
    - September 18/19 1982
    Mrs. Sarnicky Tries Fudgers Instant Coffee
    Meeting Somebody While Waiting for a Train
    Candy Vavoom on Trial for Murder
    Interviewing a Film Director
    Professor Science Says
    Fred Head Knows Too Much
    At Home with the Stuba's: Teaching Junior the Facts of Life
    Polygamous Marriages
    Song: Mimico

    Show #38
    "Heaven is for Presbyterians" - September 25/26 1982
    Explaining Magic Tricks **
    The Jones' Family News
    Gold! **
    Negative or Positive?
    A Man Yelling at a Loaf of Bread
    Heaven is for Presbyterians *
    Theatre Review
    Body Odor
    Song: Harry the Hindu Hermit

    3rd Season

    September 29 1982 - March 30 1983

    Returned to Variety Tonight. Show now played during the first hour of the Wednesday night show; Guest star is Carolyn Scott.

    1. "Film My Death?" - October 1982
    2. "Something's On Henry" - October 1982
    3. "Sounds Like Love"
    4. "Class in Logical Deduction" - October 1982
    5. "What If Cheese Could Fly?" - November 1982
    6. "Mr. Liar's Condensed Bible"
    7. "The Last Spike"
    8. "Steve: Part-Time Messiah" - November 1982
    9. "Second Christmas Special" - December 1982
    10. "Candy the Nun" - January 1983
    11. "Ti Kwan Leep" - February 1983
    12. "Mozart" - February 1983
    13. "Roman Numerals" - February 1983
    14. "Teen Seeking Car Insurance" - February 1983
    15. "The Wizard of Ottawoz" - April 1983
    16. "Theories of Creation" - February 23 1983
    17. "Black Mungo"
    18. "The Red Baron" - April 1983
    19. "To the Pole"

    Show #39
    "Film My Death?" - October 1982
    Ad: Mrs. Sarnicky Tries Anacidic
    The Unexplainablistic: Near-Death Experiences
    Confessions of a Scoundrel
    Film My Death?
    The Psychology Student Replacement Receptionist
    Fred Head Has to Leave
    Song: Mrs. Brezhnev

    Show #40
    "Something's On Henry" - October 1982
    Open House at a Montreal Elementary School in 1930
    National Geographic Looks at the Akoshi Indians
    Suicide Watch: Pranksters Taunt Roland Grit [Ad: Manfred's Pork Juice]
    Buying a Personal Massager
    Fred Head's Rock Club Update
    The Messy Patient
    The Shut Up! Technique
    Something's on Henry

    Show #41
    "Sounds Like Love"
    The Easiest Cases of Sherlock Holmes
    Communicating with Fruit Flies
    The Results of Breeding Humans
    Law Firm with an Insanely Long Name
    Frantic Times Sports Report: Coach of the Montreal Concords
    Cruising Down Yonge Street
    Reasons for Not Getting Married
    Sounds Like Love
    Song: Oh What a State

    Show #42
    "Class in Logical Deduction" - October 1982
    George Plimpton Compares American and Canadian Football
    Honey, Could You Please...
    Class in Logical Deduction **
    Joe Clark Dancing on Diefenbaker's Grave
    Newton Feeb Visits the Travel Agency
    Frantic Times Sports Report: How Overweight People Can Get Into Shape
    It's Hard to Love a Man in a Sergio Valenti Jacket
    Arthur and Hurricane Arthur
    Ad: New Improved Perk Morning Coffee
    Song: Doing the Liberal Cabinet Shuffle

    Show #43
    "What If Cheese Could Fly?" - November 1982
    Ad: Mrs. Sarnicky Tries Simon's Pizza Mix
    Claude Charon Resigns
    Reporting a Crime
    It's a Funny World with Alan Smith
    Lighthouse Mission Variety Night
    Song: Let's Go Down and Out Together
    What If Cheese Could Fly?
    Fall CBC TV Lineup
    Mr. Safety's Tips for a Safe Halloween
    Banned Books
    ET Trick or Treaters
    Song: We're The People Inside Your Walls **

    Show #44
    "Mr. Liar's Condensed Bible"
    Ad: Thunder & Jesus Seal Removal
    The Pipeline Cost-Estimate
    Should We Ban the Hammer?
    Mr. Liar's Condensed Bible
    John the Baptist
    The Calgary Stampeder Cheerleaders Explain Relativity
    It's Not My Car
    Jake & Harriet Limper: The Last Two People on Earth
    Song: A Baby-Sitter's Lullaby

    Show #45
    "The Last Spike"
    The Canadarm
    "Ottawa Is Beautiful" Song Contest
    The Story of Tiny Little Man
    Monty Boyd Destroys School
    The Last Spike (aka It Was The Railroad)
    Applicant for the Federal Job Creation Program
    Ad: Brooke's Shield
    Song: I Can Hardly Wait Till the End of This Song

    Show #46
    "Steve: Part-Time Messiah" - November 1982
    I Was Sick to My Stomach
    Hand Over Your Morals
    Ad: Tom Little Motors: Buy Our Cars Out of Pity!
    Our Nation's Business
    Steve: Part-Time Messiah
    Ad: The Panther Z20
    Talking About Something Else in the Elevator
    The Marine Drill-Sergeant
    Pope for a Day
    Giving Birth
    Enjoying Worldly Beauty
    Show: Why Do I Love Him?

    Show #47
    "Second Christmas Special" - December 1982
    Ad: Philip Shaver (Song: God Shave Our Gracious Queen)
    Moses Brings the Commandments Back to God
    Song: Last Minute Christmas Shopping
    Finding a Sales-Clerk
    Mr. Safety's Tips for a Less Horrifying Christmas
    Ad: Decliners
    Song: I Saw Daddy Kissing Santa Claus
    Song: It's Christmas Dinner
    The Reformed Scrooge
    The Ibsen Doll House

    Show #48
    "Candy the Nun" - January 1983
    Mrs. Sarnicky Tries Nealy's Ice Cream
    Jacques Cousteau Explores the Sudbury Municipal Swimming Pool
    Using an ATM for the First Time
    Poets Meeting
    Candy the Nun
    Interview with Movie Stars
    Oliver Twist Disciplined
    Fable: Why Chipmunks Have No Ears
    Fred Head's Rock Club Update
    This Week We Look at: The Works of Sigmund Freud
    Myron Putz is Fed Up
    Song: I'm Blue

    Show #49
    "Ti Kwan Leep" - February 1983
    Hits the Way You Remember Them
    Frantics' Bingo
    Crank Phone Call
    Ti Kwan Leep
    Ad: Jack's Folding Warehouse
    The Wedding Date
    Captain Highliner Talks About Knots
    Applying for Liquor
    Doctor Telling a Man He is About to Die
    Song: My Wife Wears the Pants in the Family

    Show #50
    "Mozart" - February 1983
    Ad: Grecian Formula Brain Restorer
    Great Giant Titans Looks at: Mozart
    Mr. Non-Sequitor #1
    Gregorian Scat Singing
    Non-Responsible Trudeau
    Pulitzer vs. Pulitzer
    Working on the Chain Gang/Letter/Saw/Smoking/Link Fences
    No Reason to Live
    Talking About the Weather
    Dating the Statue of Liberty
    Jake & Harriet Limper: The Last Two People on Earth
    Disorganized Crime in Montreal
    Mr. Non-Sequitor #2
    Song: He's Wearing Nazi Paraphernalia **

    Show #51
    "Roman Numerals" - February 1983
    Conan the Librarian
    Roman Numerals (aka "The Decimal System")*
    Canadian Summer
    The Art, Frank and Thelma Cake Company
    Ad: Mrs. Sarnicky Tries Refresh Soap
    Fred Head's Rock Club Update
    Honeymoon at the YMCA
    Song: How To Write A Song (aka "Sexy Voice, Catchy Phrase and a Musical Hook") *

    Note: "Roman Numerals" and "How to Write a Song" are the official names for these two pieces, which were both used on the Frantics' first album "Frantic Times".

    Show #52
    "Teen Seeking Car Insurance" - February 1983
    Ad: Radio Bloopers Volume 12
    Funeral of a TV Fitness Expert
    Teen Seeking Car Insurance
    Solving Canada's Economic Problems through Death
    Capt. Mark Philips and Princess Anne Argue by Proxy
    Talking About Racial Prejudice in an Elevator
    Gay Gunslingers of the Wild West
    The Dance of the 7 Garbage Can Lids
    Suicide Watch: Talks to Hamlet (Mansfred Ad: Sour Cream and Onion Laxative)
    How I Became a Liberal
    Jake & Harriet Limper: The Last Two People on Earth
    Rhyming Medical Care
    Song: A Socialist Dream in a Promised Land

    Show #53
    "The Wizard of Ottawoz" - April 1983
    Let's See What's on the Radio
    Meeting of the Halifax Optimists Club
    Smashing Royal Doulton Figurines
    Weekend Ski Conditions
    Fireman Saving Wax Lips
    Glazed Donuts **
    Doctor and Nurse During an Operation
    Crime in Vancouver
    Mathematical Prostitute
    Fast Freddy Breaks a Man's Heart
    Cutting a Deal with a Kidnapper
    Song: Silly Love Talk Song
    Smug, Self-Righteous Critics
    The Wizard of Ottawoz

    Show #53a
    "Theories of Creation"
    Mrs. Sarnicky Tries Whippo Desert Topping
    Fred Head's Rock Club Update
    Theories of Creation
    Song: One Damn Saxophone
    Jake and Harriet Limper: Jake Goes for a Walk
    Polly Want a Cracker?
    Quennel and Mary: Mary Breaks Up with Quennel
    Song: Meat

    The show ordering got slightly mucked up -- this show is dated as "Feb 23 1983", and since the previous show featured Jake and Harriet Limper's first fight, this show must have followed it, hence its listing as show "#53A".

    Show #54
    "Black Mungo" Joe Clark Family Leadership Review
    Canadian Grades of Meat
    Complaints About Pierre Trudeau
    Oh You Were Drunk!
    The Effects of Alcohol on Motor Skills
    Wake-Up Call for Mr. Rory
    Name That Badger
    Ed Broadbent Talks About Not Voting for the NDP
    You Mean Anglican Ministers Can Marry?
    Black Mungo
    Song: I'm Dating a Girl Who's Double-Jointed

    Show #55
    "The Red Baron" - April 1983
    Last Request at the Firing Squad #1
    The Big Nugget
    Drive Thru Gourmet Dining
    2 + 2 = 5
    Road-Hockey Night in Canada
    Between the Sexes: Asexual Reproduction
    Last Request at the Firing Squad #2
    Ted Krinkle Reports on the Durham County Science Fair
    Great Giant Titans: The Red Baron
    Song: Thank God for the North West Territories

    Show #56
    "To the Pole"
    Robin Hood
    The Beatles in Parliament
    The Time Machine
    To the Pole
    Message from the Sherriff of Nottingham Vandalism
    Choosing Staff
    You Know Much About Motors?
    Song: There's a Point
    Determining Who Should Get into the Lifeboats
    Trudeau Press Conference
    It's Not Cheating
    Robin Shoots His Final Arrow
    Song: Two Big Hairy Men Came Along (I'm So Sad)
    Talk With Your Mother Game Show

    4th Season

    June 25 1983(?) - June 29 1985

    Get their own time slot after Basic Black on Saturday afternoon. The show is played continuously at this time, with occasional repeats. The dates are definitely odd in this listing, supposedly beginning before the air dates in June -- perhaps the date information on the tapes are now referring to recording dates? The repeats during this season make it nearly impossible to tie down exact broadcast dates -- what dates appear here are those originally written down on the master tapes.

    1. "Weathermen" - May 1983
    2. "Mr. Canoehead"
    3. "The Legend of Flying Father Shapitinski" - May 1983
    4. "Give a Man a Fish"
    5. "Philosopher's Drycleaning" - June 1983
    6. "The Supply Teacher"
    7. "The PC Leadership Convention" - July 1983
    8. "I Was Trudeau's Double"
    9. "The Buyout, Takeover & Squash Holding Company" - July 1983
    10. "Having a Pillow"
    11. "The Day of Name Choosing"
    12. "Rooster Private Eye"
    13. "Eric the Red"
    14. "Perogie Rustlers"
    15. "Billy the Kid"
    16. "Judging Your Life"
    17. "Seagulls"
    18. "The Most Lovable Man in the World"
    19. "Interesting" - December 1983
    20. "Third Christmas Show" - December 1983
    21. "Hair"
    22. "I'm Just a Clown"
    23. "The First Canadian in Space" - 1984
    24. "Cowboys"
    25. [Lost Show?] -- most likely mis-numbered, given shows "100" and "100a"
    26. "The Valley of the Electric Elephants"
    27. "Lloyd Boyd Lost in TV Land"
    28. "Red, Red, Red, Yellow"
    29. "The Cheesy Queen"
    30. "Luther, Paula and the Ultramind"
    31. "The Police"
    32. "Kretchfoop for King of the World"
    33. "Little Fuzzy Bits of Junk" - June 30 1984
    34. "The Anti-Solar Concert"
    35. "Brown Car"
    36. "Socrates"
    37. "Denim vs. Corduroy" - November 1984
    38. "Olympics"
    39. "Mud"
    40. "Seraphim Boot Camp"
    41. "D-Day Landing" - December 1984
    42. "The High School Show"
    43. "The High School Christmas Dance" - December 1984
    44. "Sam's Theory of Atomic Decay"
    45. "The Ultramind vs. Mrs. Sarnicky"
    46. "Ode to Laura Petrie"
    47. "Legal Bar Exams"
    48. "Family Feud: Good vs. Evil"
    49. "The No Audience Show"
    50. "From the Extremely Quiet People's Club"
    51. "Obi Wan Kenobi Driving School"
    52. "Egg Mover Man"
    53. "I Sell Computers"
    54. "I'm a Fungus"
    55. "Dating a Woman More Intelligent Than You"
    56. "What Dreams Mean"
    57. "Roughage"

    Show #57
    "Weathermen" - May 1983
    Fred Head Defends a Tree
    A Man Shaming a Wall Clock
    Getting Votes for the Conservative Party
    Hinterland's Who's Who: The Great Motorcyclist
    Voting for Good or Evil
    The Duncan, Mike, Ted and Jeff Report: Lumpy Pancakes
    A Man Taunting the Great Barrier Reef
    The Sound of the Way the World Ends
    Song: I Shot Bambi's Mother
    The Russians Declare Peace
    What if Sudbury Was Not Hit by a Nuclear Bomb?
    Ad: Sudso Detergent
    A Man Ignoring the Orange Juice
    Jane Leaves Tarzan
    Song: You Need Me

    Show #58
    "Mr. Canoehead"
    Fred Head Rides the Bus
    Hinterland's Who's Who: The Montreal Head Office
    The Philosophical Domestic Dispute
    Mr. Canoehead - Genesis
    Ad: Bug-Off House & Garden Grenade
    Suicide Watch: Fluffy (Ad: Manfred's Tube-of-Lard)
    Space Shuttle Orders Pizza
    Witches Take the Pepsi Taste Test
    Mr. Canoehead Tries to Return to Work
    Song: You Always Eat the One You Love (aka The Black Widow Spider song)

    Show #59
    "The Legend of Flying Father Shapitinski" - May 1983
    The Show Must Go On
    Hinterland Who's Who: The Worm on the Pavement
    Selling a Stick of Dynamite **
    A Ramblin' Man
    Song: Rock and Roll Heaven
    Why Didn't You Just Tell Me
    Pigeon, Don't Jump!
    The Legend of Flying Father Shapitinski **
    Ad: Come to Saskatchewan
    The Appraiser
    Mr. Canoehead: Is Discovered
    Just Like I Planned It **
    Song: Murdering Folks in Their Sleep

    Show #60
    "Give a Man a Fish"
    Ad: Come to Saskatchewan
    Booking a Room and Prostitute
    Putting on a Show in a Barn
    Give a Man a Fish
    Bomba the Jungle Boy
    Dr. Wallaby Goldfarb Talks About Nuclear Fusion
    Buying Slippers in an Alternate Reality
    Ad: Chester Spivey's Trailer Park
    Ad: Morality in a Can
    A Word on Canada's Future
    Talking to Mom
    The Break-In
    We've Been Robbed
    Song: When You Die

    Show #61
    "Philosopher's Drycleaning" - June 1983
    Do You Live in Calgary?
    Capt. Fifi of the CRTC Police Stopping Pornography
    Philosopher's Drycleaning
    The 1983 Defense Budget
    Buying French Pastry **
    The Tree Pruner
    The Government Time Machine
    Useless Body Parts: The Gall Bladder
    A Man and a Woman Sitting in a Chair
    Mr. Canoehead Gets a Personal Manager
    Song: The Happiest Day in Augusta's Life

    Show #62
    "The Supply Teacher"
    F-104 Starfighter
    Not-So-Famous Last Words
    Sherlock Holmes: The Mystery of the Gloved Hand
    Summer Stock Theater Listing
    The Unexplainablistic: Spontaneous Human Combustion
    The Computer Programmers and The Gnat
    Mr. Canoehead Becomes a Crime Fighter
    The Supply Teacher
    Song: Wake Up!

    Show #63
    "The PC Leadership Convention" - July 1983
    Whatever Happened to the Great American Dream?
    Frantics News: PC Leadership Convention #1
    Ad: Princess Diana Wine
    Nothing a Woman Can't Handle
    Frantics News: PC Leadership Convention #2
    Song: Peter Pocklington
    The Story of the Blumpable People
    Ad: Chester Spivey's Trailer Park
    Frantics News: PC Leadership Convention #3
    Buying a Pair of Casual Shoes **
    Mulroney Unites the PCs
    Song: Has Anyone Here Heard Dan Hill?

    Show #64
    "I Was Trudeau's Double"
    Death Meets Reagan
    White vs. Clemson
    Darth Vader Revealed
    Duncan, Mike, Ted and Jeff Report: Look at the Duncan, Mike, Ted and Jeff Report
    Death Calls Wendy Fulton
    I Was Trudeau's Double
    A Woman in the Office
    The National CBC Television Employee Test
    The Layers of Consciousness
    Mr. Canoehead: The Hostage Situation
    The Drunk Bus Driver
    Song: Today I Got a Haircut

    Show #65
    "The Buyout, Takeover & Squash Holding Company" - July 1983
    Applicants for Canada's Secret Service
    Mr. Eggs Explains the Various Grades of Eggs
    Pierre Trudeau's Answering Machine Message
    The Drunk Grocery Store Clerk
    Fishing with Live Bait: Using Bengal Tiger for Bait
    Godot's Answering Machine Message
    Board Meeting of The Buyout, Takeover & Squash Holding Company
    Complaint Letters
    Get Cut-Off In Mid-Sentence Game Show
    Go On Without Me
    Song: Senior Surfers

    Show #66
    "Having a Pillow"
    Diamond Ring Bought from Sears
    Having a Pillow
    Summer Stock Theater Listing
    Attack of the Killer Toasters
    Ordering a Killer Donut
    Attack of the Killer Bits and Bites
    Song: The Ballad of Earl Runkie
    Horror Film Movie Review
    Godzilla Gets Contacts
    Song: Dutch Cowboys

    Show #67
    "The Day of Name Choosing"
    Hinterland's Who's Who: The Maislin Truck
    Speaking in French
    Becoming a Montreal Concorder
    Mr. Canoehead: Bomb at a Nuclear Power Plant #1
    Song: I Owe it All to Donuts
    The Day of Name Choosing
    Suicide Watch: It's Free (Ad: Manfred's Chocolate Cheesecake Soap-on-a-Rope)
    Song: We're All on the Bus Together

    Show #68
    "Rooster Private Eye" The New Ed Broadbent
    The Fence Sitters
    Dr. Wallaby Goldfarb Looks at the Origins of the Universe
    Following the Doctor's Instructions
    The Gadget-aholic
    The Day All of the Skin Peeled Off My Body
    Rooster Private Eye
    Song: Worm Sex

    Show #69
    "Eric the Red"
    Let's See What's on the Radio
    Ted Krinkle Reports on The America Cup Sailing Race
    Bill from Bala's Country Cottage
    Ad: Factory Mattress Outlet
    Waiting for the Bus
    Mr. Safety's Tips for Avoiding Mosquitoes
    Speech at a Wedding (aka Kiss the Bride)
    Eric the Red Goes on a Raid
    Song: My Husband's Dead

    Show #70
    "Perogie Rustlers"
    Let's See What's on the Radio
    The Shuttle Runs Out of Toilet Paper
    Clint Trundle at the Summer National Drag-Racing Championships
    Ad: Thighs Akimbo Part 4
    Nobody's Perfect
    Old Used Tires
    Asking a Former CBC Employee to Lunch
    Perogie Rustlers
    Song: Psychoanalytical Island Paradise **

    Show #71
    "Billy the Kid"
    Backyard Beatles
    Doomed Lovers
    Death Comes to the Audiophile
    Great Giant Titans: Billy the Kid
    Song: A Woman Asks "The Question"
    The Would-Be Canadian Author
    Galley Slave Seniority
    Song: Roamin' Romans

    Show #72
    "Judging Your Life"
    A Man Worrying a Vase
    Mr. Safety's Tips for a Safer Barbeque
    Mr. Canoehead's Canoe Gets Magnetized
    A Man Barring a Smoked Salmon **
    Meeting of the Enormous Buyout Takeover & Squash Holding Company
    Bill from Bala, Chauffeur
    Judging Your Life
    Fascinating People
    Song: Gas Station Washroom **

    Show #73
    Let's See What's on the Radio
    Hinterland's Who's Who: The Seagull in the Ballpark
    Mr. Canoehead vs. The Mole Monks Pt. 1
    Hacking the Government Payroll
    Ted Krinkle Reports on the Pickering Nuclear Reactor
    A Foot and a Half of Water
    Mr. Safety: Tips for a Safer School Year
    Mr. Canoehead vs. The Mole Monks Pt. 2
    Suicide Watch: Dingbat Donaldson (Ad: Manfred's: Antibiotic, Antihistamine Pickels)
    Song: I Want to Marry a Catholic Priest

    Show #74
    "The Most Lovable Man in the World"
    Let's See What's on the Radio
    Report on Acid Rain
    Mr. Canoehead vs. The Mole Monks Pt. 3
    Those Fascinating People: The Upside-down Man
    Red-Neck Crossword
    Pidge at the Funeral
    Ad: Breasts and Bytes Magazine
    Mr. Canoehead vs. The Mole Monks Pt. 4
    The Most Lovable Man in the World
    Frantic Time Song Contest Winner
    Song: Carol Walner: Firespotter

    Show #75
    "Interesting" - December 1983
    Objecting to Sex in Our Society
    Wallaby Goldfarb Looks Into The Energy Shortage
    A Director Chastising His Cast
    Song: Thank You Renee
    Meeting the Wise Man of the Mountain
    Reasons Why You Need Summer School
    Great Giant Titans: Banting and Best
    Song: The RCMP Narc Song

    Show #76
    "Third Christmas Show" - December 1983
    Ad: Revenge of Saint Nick
    Cabbage Patch Dolls Child Abuse Investigation
    Bill from Bala as Santa
    Ad: Revenge of Saint Nick #2
    Seeking Donations for the Red Cross at the Dinner Table
    Christmas Theatre
    Lonely Guy Wandering the Streets Looking for Love
    Ad: Revenge of Saint Nick #3
    The Elves' Revenge
    'Leonard Cohen' Sings "It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas"

    Show #77
    Waiting for a Non-Existent Bus
    Speech Writing for a Gink
    Wallaby Goldfarb: The Greenhouse Effect
    Dating a Dutchman
    Arthur Pierce's Finger is on the Button
    It's My Life Game Show
    Ad: Durable Battery
    Song: 'Twas the Night Before New Year's

    Show #78
    "I'm Just a Clown"
    Bill from Bala Talks to a Hungarian Learning English
    Mathers Asks the Doctor Some Questions **
    Wallaby Goldfarb: Stealth Technology
    Surgery with Food
    I'm Just a Clown
    Moses Presents the 10 Commandments
    Song: TV Watching Plants

    Show #79
    "The First Canadian in Space" - 1984
    Ad: Astronaut Promoting a VW Car
    Canadian and American Ambassadors in a Bar
    Wallaby Goldfarb: A Canadian in Space
    Canadian Astronaut Applicants
    Todd Booster vs. Moo Moo Bunnylips' Huge Death Ray
    Russians Announce that they Will Send a Canadian to Space First
    Briefing Canadian Astronauts Candidates
    The Henny Youngman 1
    Bilingual Countdown
    Space Beauty Contest
    Song: Spaceman's Vomit
    Russians Put First Canadian Into Space

    Show #80
    Going to Fort Longo
    Cowboys Imagining the Future
    Naming Things
    Guns in the Wild West
    Song: Lord, It's Hard to Be a Cowboy
    Indian Creation Legend
    Building a Bridge
    Song: God Made Velour Just for Cowboys
    Cowboy Nicknames
    General Custer's Geometrical Tactics
    The Disappearance of Fort Longo

    Show #83
    "Lloyd Boyd Lost in TV Land"
    LLoyd Boyd Tries to Fix the TV Arial
    Zapped into TV Set
    Tiny Toddler Time
    Channel Flipping
    Donald Comes Over to Help
    Todd Booster: Moo Moo Bunnylips' Asteroid Aimed at the Earth
    Channel Flipping (The Killer Shark)
    Donald Brings Back Dead Shark
    Monty Gets Zapped into the TV
    The Tommy Hunter Show
    Channel Flipping
    Fishing with Live Bait: Katherine Hepburn Bait
    Monty on Hill Street Blues
    Bologna Ad
    The Love Battleship
    Monty and Lloyd Get Zapped Back Home

    Show #84
    "Red, Red, Red, Yellow"
    Anthropologist Studying a Bum Pt. 1
    Suicide Jumper
    Harry, Look at Those People Outside
    Mr. Canoehead vs. The Purse Snatcher
    Anthropologist Studying a Bum Pt. 2
    Becoming a Railway Engineer for the Chicks
    Making Love
    Red, Red, Red, Yellow
    Cleaning Up the Office
    Thank You Street-Car Driving Man **
    Song: Security Guard

    Show #85
    "The Cheesy Queen"
    Ad: The Melbolator
    The Cheesy Queen #1
    Song: My Love is Cheesy
    Motorcycles Aren't Cars
    Ted Krinkle: Science Experiments to Send into Space
    The Cheesy Queen #2
    Greasy Spoon Job Applicant
    Reporting a Naked Women Next Door
    PSA: Smoking Isn't Cool
    Miss July
    Asking to Marry the King's Daughter

    Show #86
    "Luther, Paula and the Ultramind"
    Pepsi or Coke: You Decide
    Suicide Watch: The Ultramind (Ad: Manfred's Carp Tarts)
    The Ultramind Robs the Bank and Kidnaps Paula
    Mr. Synopsis Sums Up the Story So Far #1
    Luther Feeds His Pet Shrew
    The Superhero Tavern
    Mr. Synopsis Sums Up the Story So Far #2
    The Ultramind in His Stronghold
    Song: The Ultramind Song
    Mr. Canoehead and Luther vs. the Ultramind

    Show #87
    "The Police"
    Ad: Trenge Detergent
    Problems with Sammy's Burger Barn Sign
    Newton Feeb Calls the Police
    Song: Tommy Lookout, Daddy's Got a Gun
    A Man Cajoling a Punt
    Mr. Safety's Tips on How to Deal with Policemen
    The Speeding Ticket
    Song: The Cop-pertones Sing
    A Man Flattering a Tent **
    The Police Sculptor
    Mr. Canoehead vs. Michelangelo's David & The Quarry Boys
    Rapping at the Courthouse

    Show #88
    "Kretchfoop for King of the World"
    Ad: Cheese Dortmunds
    Kretchfoop Gives a Message to Earth
    Alien Leadership Convention
    News Report with Bugamo Chub-Chub
    Bill from Bala Complains about the Aliens
    Todd Booster: The Evil Galactic Warlord Larry Tries to Blow Up the Earth
    Speech from Ronald Reagan
    Speech from Constantin Chernenko
    Speech from Kretchfoop
    Kretchfoop's Acceptance Speech
    Song: I Love Earth

    Show #89
    "Little Fuzzy Bits of Junk" - June 30 1984
    Let's See What's on the Radio
    The Corny Car Salesman
    Ad: Belts and Welts
    Superhero Boot Camp
    Rhonda's Going to Have a Baby: Doug's Perspective
    Song: A Song Which Follows You
    What If the Sky Above Us Was Green?
    Rhonda's Going to Have a Baby: Rhonda's Perspective
    Ad: Manfred's Nuclear Asbestos Saccharine Red-Dye #2 Drink
    Little Fuzzy Bits of Junk
    Song: Impressionist Painters

    Show #90
    "The Anti-Solar Concert"
    Playing with Somebody Else's Cat
    The A-Team
    Mr. Interesting: If You Took Every Grain of Sand on Earth...
    Problems Renting a Video Tape
    Mr. Interesting: An Interesting Fact from Nature...
    The Anti-Solar Concert (Song: I'm Sunburned)
    A Big Scary Noise
    Song: Fernando Poo
    Mr. Interesting

    Show #91
    "Brown Car"
    Edna & Chester
    Code 421
    Couch Stain
    Ad: Manfred's Sour Cream and Onion Bremerhavens
    Retirement Home Talk
    Man Berating a Motel Sign
    Frantic Times Song Contest
    The Ultramind Gets a Day-Pass from Prison
    The Ultramind and Bruno vs. Mr. Canoehead
    Song: Brown Car **

    Show #92
    Suicide Watch: The Werewolf (Ad: Manfred's Low-Cal French Fries)
    Household Hints
    Halloween in Nastyville
    Never Date the Enemy
    Fred Head's Rock Club Update
    Song: Multiple Personalities
    Win the Money Game Show
    Great Giant Titans: Socrates
    Song: I Sweat

    Show #93
    "Denim vs. Corduroy" - November 1984
    Denim or Corduroy: You Be the Judge
    Suicide Watch: Roland Grit and the Other Woman (Ad: Manfred's Amphetamine Tortilla Chips)
    In My Village (Metric system)
    Denim or Corduroy: A Historical Perspective
    Ad: The Supercom IV
    I'm A Creature of Habit
    If You Don't Invest, I'll Unleash the Monster in My Briefcase
    Denim or Corduroy: Statement on Behalf of Corduroy
    PSA: If You Drink, Drive
    Todd Booster: Moo Moo Bunnylips Installs a Toll Booth
    Denim or Corduroy: Statement on Behalf of Corduroy
    Song: Hey Fritz

    Show #94
    Intro from the New CBC Headquarters
    Ad: Canadian Olympic Fundraising #1
    Sam Horowitz Literary Agent
    Ad: Canadian Olympic Fundraising #2
    Frantic Times Sports: Diving / Sweating
    Song: I Like 'Em Tall
    Spooning with Beckie Sue
    Ad: Canadian Olympic Fundraising #3
    Mr. Canoehead vs. Old Mrs. Dumpy
    Song: Carp

    Show #95
    Controlling Inventory
    Complaining Letters and Mud
    A Salute to Mud
    The Ultramind Hijacks a Plane
    The Ultramind's Brother Ted vs. The Ultramind
    Mr. Synopsis
    The Ultramind in the Cockpit
    Ultramind Turns Cockpit into a Salad Bar
    A Stewardess Lands the Plane
    Canadian Army vs. The Ultramind
    The Ultramind Gets Rained Out
    Song: Mud

    Show #96
    "Seraphim Boot Camp"
    Seraphim Boot Camp
    Mrs. Sarnicky and Mama Tarino's Spaghetti Sauce
    Fixing a Leak at Three Mile Island
    Kinds of Love
    Grunt-a-gram **
    Miniature Adults
    Donating Blood and More
    The Ultramind vs. Wayne Gretzky
    Song: It's a Rodent **

    Show #97
    "D-Day Landing" - December 1984
    Dork Test
    Cheating in Your Dreams
    Class of 1985 Valedictorian Speech
    Mr. Interesting: An Apple a Day...
    D-Day Landing
    Mr. Interesting: Before Man Invented Written Languages...
    Flintstones: Fred Loses the Fire
    Mr. Interesting
    Todd Booster vs. Bunk Trousers Bunnylips' Voter Disintegration Ray
    Song: Muzak Party Down

    Show #98
    "The High School Show"
    Teachers Skipping Class
    Sex Objects
    What Did You Do Friday Man?
    Morning Announcements
    I Hope You Brought Enough for Everyone
    How Do You Spell Relief?
    Principal Strickland Talks to Miss McQuaid
    Jason Mahooch's Geography Mark
    A Few More Announcements
    Valentine's Day Card for Teacher
    The Hitler Bomb Plot
    Corporal Punishment
    Song: Heavy Metal Shop

    Show #99
    "The High School Christmas Dance" - December 1984
    Suicide Watch: Hugh Beaumont (Ad: Manfred's Irradiated Chili)
    Ad: Mrs. Sarnicky Tries Wrinkles Potato Chips
    Hugh Asks Loretta To the Dance
    PSA: If You Drink, Don't Dance...
    Hugh Tries to Asks His Father for the Car
    Christmas In My Village
    Christmas Isn't Much Fun in Nastyville
    Ad: Mrs. Sarnicky Tries Wilbur's Fish Sticks
    Hugh Reporting to the Guys About His Date
    Song: All I Want for Christmas is $100,000 Bucks

    Show #100
    "Sam's Theory of Atomic Decay"
    Suicide Watch: The Quotation Compiler (Ad: Manfred's Contraceptive Melba Toast)
    The Over-Metaphoric Cowboy
    Cops Threaten to Kiss a Suspect **
    You People Are Fat *
    Moses is Sent to a Shrink
    Complaint Letters about the Previous Sketch
    Sam's Theory of Atomic Decay
    Song: Crazy Subatomic Love

    Show #100a
    "The Ultramind vs. Mrs. Sarnicky"
    Mrs. Sarnicky for Sunburst Margarine
    Todd Booster: Moo Moo Bunnylips is Up to Nothing
    Caveman Love
    A Man Nitpicking a Sunset
    A Man is His Tie
    Mrs. Sarnicky for Oasis Deodorant
    A Man Embarrassing a Tape Deck
    In the Offices of Mrs. Sarnicky International
    The Ultramind vs. Mrs. Sarnicky and Mr. Canoehead
    Song: Peterborough

    Date for Todd Booster is 1934, meaning that this show was broadcast in 1984; It is announced that this was Frantic times episode #100, though this episode was not labelled as such according to the master tapes -- interestingly enough, this is formerly a lost episode derived from a non-CBC source. The episode also has the distinction of having two guests: Caroline Scott and Magg Ruffman both appear on this show.

    Show #101
    "Ode to Laura Petrie"
    Ted and Marcie Arrange Their Marriage
    Newton Feeb Has a Date with Candy Vavoom
    Rick the Nickel
    Ted and Marcie's Wedding
    Song: Donut World
    Removing War from the Language
    Ode to Laura Petrie
    Gangsters Divide Up Their Territories
    Ted and Marcie's Honeymoon
    Song: I'm Rich, I'm White, I Love It **

    Show #102
    "Legal Bar Exams"
    Legal Bar Exam #5
    Quennel and Mary: Thinks About Death
    I Need New Socks
    A Man Policing a Desert
    The Fortune Teller Sees a Dipstick
    Legal Bar Exam #8
    The Inventor of the 4-Colour Pen
    Legal Bar Exam #15
    A Woman Shaving her Legs
    Elderly Couple Talk About Money
    Song: Making Love in Outer Space

    Show #103
    "Family Feud: Good vs. Evil"
    Family Feud: Good vs. Evil
    Devising Game Shows
    Evil Plots the Downfall of Mr. Canoehead
    Evil Trade Show
    Ad: Disabletronic
    Lana the Shapeshifter Teams Up with The Ultramind
    Lana Meets Mr. Canoehead
    Mr. Canoehead Trapped!
    Lana Reveals Herself to Be Evil Eva Gabor/Escape
    Song: Manitoba

    This was formerly a "missing" show, recently recovered from a non-CBC source.

    Show #104
    "The No Audience Show"
    Ad: Thunder & Jesus Seal Removal
    Speech at a Wedding (Kiss the Bride)
    A Punk Square Dance
    The Tree Pruner
    Todd Booster: The Martian Death Ray
    Fable: Why Chipmunks Have No Ears
    The Horrors of Fruit Cocktail
    Song: Something's on Henry
    A Man Taunting the Great Barrier Reef
    The Last Spike (aka It Was the Railroad)
    Ad: Breasts and Bytes
    National Geographic Looks at How Animals Adapt on the Etosha Pan
    Rooster Private Eye
    Song: Meat

    This was formerly a "missing" show, recently recovered from a non-CBC source.

    Show #105
    "From the Extremely Quiet People's Club"
    Mr. Interesting: If You Took Every Grain of Sand on Earth...
    Great Giant Titans: The Red Baron
    Ad: Chester Spivey's Trailer Park
    Mr. Interesting: Turtles
    Buying French Pastry **
    Theories of Creation
    Song: I Shot Bambi's Mother
    Man Yelling at a Loaf of Bread
    Fishing with Live Bait: Using Bengal Tiger for Bait
    Mr. Interesting: People in China
    Buying a Pair of Shoes **
    Ad: Fanny Fudger Toilet-Seat Warming Service
    The Police Sculptor
    Mr. Canoehead vs. Michelangelo's David & The Quarry Boys
    Song: Gas Station Washroom **

    This was one of only two shows recoded wholly in the studio (hence the title).

    Show #106
    "Obi Wan Kenobi Driving School"
    From the Extremely Quiet People's Club
    Eating at a Baseball Game
    The Cliched Affair
    Fred Head's Rock Club Update: Talks about Chile
    Dog Tricks
    Obi Wan Kenobi Driving School
    New Baby Tests **
    Driving Chicks Mad: Ordering at the Drive-In Burger
    Marvin the Mole Buys a Car **
    The Invisible Family
    Salem Witch Trial
    Mr. Canoehead vs. Car Thieves
    Song: I'm Gonna Be Car-Sick

    Show #107
    "Egg Mover Man"
    Getting on a VIA Train
    Escaped Young Offender Alert
    A Poem #1 (Toothbrush Poem)
    The Frantics Rewrite History: Saving Christ
    Egg Mover Man
    Todd Booster vs. Moo Moo Bunnylips' Giant Space Mirror
    Driving Chicks Mad at the Beach
    Alternative Three Bears Story
    Fighting or Squabbling
    Stopping a Man from Smoking **
    Song: Vancouver SWAT Team

    Show #108
    "I Sell Computers"
    Nit Test
    Suicide Hotline: The Depressed Janitor (Ad: Manfred's Giblet Chiclets)
    Mr. Interesting: Marriage Statistics
    Driving Chicks Mad at the Pizza Joint
    Come on Get on with it the Suspense is Killing Me
    Ad: John & Frank's Restaurant (x2)
    Mr. Interesting: The Hypotenuse
    Ad: John's Stand-Up Sushi Bar
    Dr. Wallaby Goldfarb: UFOs
    Why Become a Non-Sexist Male?
    Mr. Canoehead vs. Waring Gang Members
    Song: I Sell Computers **

    Show #109
    "I'm a Fungus"
    Request Time
    Man Eating a Pizza
    I'm a Fungus
    Jack and the Beanstock Part 1
    Calculating Why Fat Shirley is the Only Woman for Me **
    Jack and the Beanstock Part 2
    I Lost the Cord for My Glasses...
    The Right Woman?
    Giving Acid to an Accountant
    Todd Booster: Moo Moo Bunnylips Blockades Ore from Mars
    Song: Last Night We Made Love

    Show #110
    "Dating a Woman More Intelligent Than You"
    Intro Buying a First Class Ticket on Air Canada Mrs. Sarnicky Tries Miss Evelyn Face Cream Moebius Strip Theatre / Destined to Be a Guidance Councilor Alternative Three Little Pigs Story The Family Reunion Picture Lateral Thinking Theatre: Gone with the Wind Dating a Woman More Intelligent Than You ** Mr. Canoehead vs. The Ultramind (Who's Stealing All the World's Bacon Bits) ** Song: Our Family Store / Outro

    Show #111
    "What Dreams Mean"
    Mrs. Sarnicky Tries Sunshine Yogurt
    Morally Handicapped
    Battle of the Sexes: Toilet Seats
    Idiot Tax **
    Message for Liz Taylor
    What Dreams Mean
    The Last Chapter of a Marriage
    Quennel Meets Newton Feeb
    Song: The Man for You

    Note: Magg Ruffman and Caroline Scott both co-starred on this show.

    Show #112
    Manfred's Zit Die
    Mrs. Sarnicky Tries Perkin's Pork Pie
    Todd Booster: Stopping the World from Being Flooded
    A Poem #1
    Lateral Thinking Theatre: A Streetcar Named Desire
    A Poem #2
    The Interior Decorator
    A Poem #3
    World in Perspective
    A Poem #4
    Arlene, Someone's at the Door **
    Tyrannosaurus Rex, Private Eye
    Song: Roughage

    "Fran of the Fundy"

    December 19 1987 - January 2 1988
    Special 3 Part Series - A Spoof of Anne of Green Gables.
    Originally broadcast as a holiday special around Xmastime 1987, the series deals with fictional New Brunswick Premier Buddy Wentworth and his quest to create Fran of the Fundy -- a New Brunswick alternative to Anne of Green Gables. All of this while trying to win a provincial election, a caucus that betrays him, and battling his own personal demons in overcoming the evil Anne. A truly warped short series that along the way takes a swipe at various Canadian cultural icons. (A good piece written immediately prior to this series can be found on the clippings page).

    "Fran of the Fundy Part 1" - December 19 1987
    Premier Buddy Wentworth Takes Japanese Investors on Tour
    Japanese Catch Ferry to PEI
    Buddy Attacks Tourist Going to PEI
    Jimmy & Barney
    Buddy & Press Aide Discuss Political Fallout
    Cabinet Discusses Idea of Emergency Leadership Race
    Buddy Loses it at a Campaign Rally
    Buddy in the Looney Bin
    Emergency Leadership Convention

    "Fran of the Fundy Part 2" - December 26 1987
    Newscast: Interview with Buddy
    Buddy Talks to Press Aide / Finance Minister
    Buddy Meets Berton Peters
    Election Update: Politcal Analysts
    Ad: Nihilist Lumber League
    Buddy Visits Atlantic Television
    Buddy Visits the CBC
    Buddy Visits CTV
    Buddy Visits Galactic Productions

    "Fran of the Fundy Part 3" - January 2 1988
    Buddy Dreams About Fran
    Buddy Lands in Fredericton
    Election Update: Political Analysts
    Fran of the Fundy Contest
    Nihilist Lumber League
    Production Begins on Fran of the Fundy
    Election Update: Political Analysts
    Buddy Visits the Set
    Buddy in Hospital
    TV Debut of Fran of the Fundy
    Anne of Green Gables Nightmare
    Buddy Recovers / Conclusion

    "The Frantics Look at History"

    September 1 - October 20 1988
    Special 8 Part Series
    This eight-part special series comprises what is arguably The Frantics' best work. Inventive and very funny, this series looks at the whole of history as seen through the eyes of Jimmy & Barney, two guys sitting at some anonymous local bar with East-coast accents who have "been there" and seen it all. The series runs from the age of the dinosaurs to the future, covering everything from the plight of a two-brained Diplodocus dinosaur having an argument with itself to a couple of Visigoths trying to explain to a Roman why they are sacking Rome, to a future Star Trek-inspired "Church of Kirk". Sadly, it is also the very last Frantics series that involved all four members of the comedy troupe.

    History #1
    "The Beginning" - September 1 1988
    Jimmy & Barney Talk About History in General
    Ad: Napoleon for Maher's Pile Preparation
    Jimmy & Barney Talk About Fame
    Lifestyles of the Rich & Famous: Gerld the Caveman
    Ad: Hun Mouthwash
    Nobel Prize Committee Meeting
    Jimmy & Barney Talk About Royalty
    Robin Hood and King John Fight
    Jimmy & Barney Talk About Having Good Names
    Spanish Inquisition Game Show
    Columbus Discovers America
    Song: Renaissance Man
    Closing Time for Jimmy & Barney

    Note: This show features guest star Brian Moffat from The Norm, which was the comedy show that replaced Frantic Times.

    History #2
    "Age of the Dinosaurs to the Ancient Greeks" - September 8 1988
    Jimmy & Barney Talk About Pre-History
    A Diplodocus' Two Brains Get in an Argument
    Jimmy & Barney Talk About the Age of Mammals
    Cave Man Invents Language
    Cave Man Cooking with Org
    Primitive Sex Call-In Show
    Jimmy & Barney Talk About the Ancient Greeks #1
    The First Olympics
    Jimmy & Barney Talk About the Ancient Greeks #2
    Ad: Rambocles Part VI: The Big Horsey
    Men Behind Bars: Socrates
    Zeus Explains The Birds and the Bees to Hercules
    Jimmy & Barney Talk About The Four Ages of Mankind
    A Redecorator in Ancient Troy
    Closing Time for Jimmy & Barney

    History #3
    "The Rise & Fall of the Roman Empire" - September 15 1988
    Jimmy & Barney Talk About the Romulus and Remus
    Ides of March Parade
    Jimmy & Barney Talk About the Rise of Christianity
    Christian Groupies
    Song: The Twelve Disciples
    Coliseum Games Review
    A Christian Faces the Lions
    Jimmy & Barney Talk About the Romans Borrowing Everyone Else's Gods
    Song: At the Orgy
    Emperor Claudius at the Orgy
    Mt. Vesuvius Erupts
    Song: Back Off, We're Druids
    Visigoths Sack Rome
    Closing Time for Jimmy & Barney

    History #4
    "The Dark Ages and the Time of Chivalry Through to the Renaissance" - September 22 1988
    Jimmy & Barney Talk About the Dark Ages #1
    The Early Kings of England
    Waiting for the Renaissance
    History Corrected: Ghengis Cohen
    Jimmy & Barney Talk About the Dark Ages #2
    Song: Here Come the Christians
    Joan of Arc's Trial at The People's Court
    Ad: Sistine Chapel Magazine
    Jimmy & Barney Talk about the Popes
    Luther's Bake Sale
    Marco Polo Returns from China
    Audience Reaction to Macbeth
    Doctor Debate Cure for the Plague
    Song: Holy Crusade

    History #5
    "From the Time of Columbus to the Age of Cowboys" - September 29 1988
    Jimmy & Barney Talk about Cortez and the Aztecs
    I Hate Amerigo Vespucci
    Jimmy & Barney Talk about Canada and the U.S.A.
    Pilgrims Land in Virginia
    Choosing the American National Animal
    A Prisoner is Sent to Australia
    Jimmy & Barney about European Gentry and Cassanova
    Cassanova is Overbooked
    Song: "All You Need is a Pulse"
    Pirate Dance Steps
    Jimmy & Barney Talk about How Canadians Treat Their History
    Rush Bagot: 1812 Am I Eh?
    Jimmy & Barney
    Sherriff Canoehead vs. The Hole-in-the-Head Gang
    Jimmy & Barney

    History #6
    "The Industrial Revolution and the Victorian Era" - October 6 1988
    Jimmy & Barney Talk About Living in France During the Age of Enlightenment
    Alessandro Volta Creates Electricity
    Song: The Miner's Lament
    Jimmy & Barney Talk about Queen Victoria
    Queen Victoria: Straight Sex
    Jimmy & Barney Talk about Literature
    Fishing with Captain Ahab
    People Killed at Gettysburg
    Lincoln Assassination Review
    Jimmy & Barney Talk about Confederation
    Watson Answers the First Phone Call
    Edison's Assistant Creates the CD
    Ad: Statue of Liberty
    Jimmy & Barney Talk about the Boar War
    A Soldier Leaves for the Boar War
    Jimmy & Barney Talk about Henry Ford

    History #7
    "The 1900s" (The Modern Era) - October 13 1988
    Jimmy & Barney
    Anarchists and WWI
    Xmas in the Trenches During WWI
    Jimmy & Barney Talk about the 1920s
    Todd Booster vs. Moo Moo Bunnylips & His Giant Lens
    Bradford Guthrie, Brother of Woody
    Heckling Winston Churchill
    America Gets into WWII
    Jimmy & Barney Talk about Mahatma Ghandi
    McCarthy Hearings
    Improvements to Vacuum Cleaners
    Jimmy & Barney

    History #8
    "The Future" - October 20 1988
    Jimmy & Barney Talk About the Future
    Drag Race Ad of the Future
    Jimmy & Barney Talk About How Fast Things Get in the Future
    Intergalactic Phone Sex Therapist
    Presidential Address of the Future
    Jimmy & Barney Talk About How the Future Is Not How We Thought It Would Be
    The Church of Kirk
    Jimmy & Barney Talk About Future Nostalgia
    Religious TV of the Future
    Astronauts Return to a Future Earth
    Song: Those Witnesses Was Right

    This show features guest star Brian Moffat from The Norm, which was the comedy show that replaced Frantic Times.

    "Those People Across the Street"

    July -August 1989
    This special summer-replacement series starred Rick Green and Peter Wildman as two long-time friends and neighbours who deal with various situations that face them. Unlike Frantic Times this show took a single story and ran with it -- much like a sitcom -- instead of the more typical sketch comedy. Arguably one of the most consistently funny of the post-Frantic Times radios shows done by members from the original troupe.

    While this could have been a six-part series, chances are that it may have been a 7-part or longer series. If you happen to have any of the missing episodes and would be willing to trade, please let me know!

    This series is one of the few occasions where I can post the "official" title for the show, since it was announced at the beginning of each show.

    "The Freezer" - July 8 1989

    "Death by Weed-Whacker" - July 15 1989

    "Somebody's Having a Baby" - July 22 1989

    "The Robbery" - July 29 1989

    "No Pain, No Gain" - August 5 1989

    "Peter's Number Comes Up" - August 12 1989

    "Growing Up and Having Babies"

    Summer 1991[?]
    Special 6 Part Series, broadcast at 11:30am on Saturdays
    Another special summer-replacement series which again paired up Rick Green and Peter Wildman, this time as two friends who go through puberty together, marry and have kids. At the beginning of each show, the series was described as "The story of Rick and Peter chasing girls, getting married and raising kids. An odyssey from the suburbs to the singles-bars and back to the suburbs". This show was a return to the sketch comedy format typical of the "Frantic Times" shows.

    This series is another one of those few occasions where I can post the "official" title for the show, since it was announced at the start of each episode.

    This would be the final radio series done by members of the Frantics troupe until the advent Dan Redican's "Mr. Interesting" series 8 years later.

    Show #1 - Virgin Territory

    Hair Down There
    Fluoridation Must Be the Reason Why Girls Seem Less Icky
    Coach Teaches Sex Education
    Are You Kidding?
    KQ Radio Dedication Love Line
    When You Going to Ask Her Out?
    Song: He Hasn't Called
    Meeting Your Date's Father at the Door
    Song: My Mom Dresses Me
    Rick & Pete Talk/Outro

    Show #2 - College Girls

    Peter Wants to Move Out
    Looking Up Dirty Words in the Dictionary
    Sex with Stu Radio Call-In
    Calling Peter About Breaking Up with Maggie
    No Woman's Too Shallow for Peter
    I Want to Be a Liberated Guy
    Women's Intuition
    Rick at the Coffeehouse
    Song: She's a Picture in My Daddy's National Geographic
    Rick & Pete Talk/Outro

    Show #3 - What If They Had a Sexual Revolution, and No-One Came?

    You're Faking it Aren't You?
    Scoring Women Out of Ten
    There's Nothing Funny About Impotence
    Peter Dates a University Girl
    Peter Dates Rick's Former Girlfriend
    Sex with Stu Radio Call-In
    Song: I'm Engaged
    Rick & Pete Talk/Outro

    Show #4 - Bells are Ringing for Me and My Live-In Lover

    The Rules of Moving in Together (or "Being Pre-Engaged")
    Rick & Peter Talk About Rick's Impending Marriage
    Wedding Anniversary Gift Themes
    Linda Wants to Wear White at the Wedding
    Sex with Stu Radio Call-In
    How Couples With/Without Kids See Themselves
    Larry's Bowling Newsletter
    Peter Gets Married
    Song: I Poisoned Your Dinner
    Rick & Pete Talk/Outro

    Show #5 - He Has His Father's Eyes, His Mother's Mouth, and a Monkey's Body

    Birth Horror Stories
    Dr. Wallaby Goldfarb Talks about Human Reproduction
    First Time Parents and Second Time Parents
    Birth Class at the Laleche League
    Sex with Stu Radio Call-In
    The Baby's Coming Tonight
    The Birth at the Hospital
    Song: Something Told Me Things Never Be the Same
    Rick & Pete Talk/Outro

    Show #6 - The Terrible Twos, The Terrible Threes, The Terrible Fours...

    The First Night Home with the New Baby
    What People Really Want
    Rick and Pete Talk About Affairs
    The Twenty-First Night Home with Baby
    Checking Out the Baby-Sitter
    Children's Toys
    Going to a Party After the Birth
    Sex Education
    Male Stereotyping at the Toy Store
    Song: They're Just Kids
    Rick & Pete Talk/Outro

    "Running with Scissors with Mr. Interesting"

    July 3 1999 - August 7 1988
    Dan Redican returns to CBC radio with this special 6 part series, which was broadcast at 3:30pm on "Definitely Not the Opera".

    (My copy of show #2 is incomplete, and am missing shows #3 and #4. If you have a copy of any of these shows, please let me know!)

    Show #1 - July 3 2000

    Mr. Interesting Intro The Show
    The Groom Who Didn't Pay Attention
    How Children Learn from their Parents
    Mr. Interesting Intros Next Sketch
    He's A Rebel
    The Worst Lover of All Time
    Mr. Interesting Comments on Previous Two Sketches
    Oh Baby (I Gotta Go for Bread)
    A Comedic Well That Will Never Run Dry
    Mr. Interesting Gets His Car Towed - Outro

    Show #2 - July 10 2000

    Mr. Interesting (Incomplete)
    The Hopeless Cosmetics Case
    Hey Ladies
    Don't Judge Me
    Mr. Interesting Does the Plow Pose
    Family Reunion
    Mr. Interesting in the Jacuzzi - Outro

    Show #3 - July 17 2000

    Show #4 - July 24 2000

    Show #5 - July 31 2000

    Intro - Embalming for Teens
    Dolphin at a Wedding
    The Gay Blind Date - Part 1
    Getting in Touch with Your Feelings with Mr. Interesting
    The Gay Blind Date - Part 2
    He Was a Bum But I Loved Him
    Speaking Hindi with Mr. Interesting - Outro

    Show #6 - August 7 2000

    Intro - Mr. Interesting's Internal Combustion Drinking Straw
    The Topless Crisis
    Man Who Lives in a Hole
    Do You Like My Hat
    Mancey Street Layer
    Mr. Interesting is Convicted and Cancelled - Outro

    "Mr. Interesting's Guide to the Continental United States"

    July 8 2000 - August 12 2000
    Special 6 Part Series, broadcast at 3:30pm on "Definitely Not the Opera"

    Show #1 - July 8 2000

    Mr. Interesting Introduces the Show
    The Boarding Pass
    Air Canada Announcer
    Mr. Kirkirkenden Dates a Fashion Model
    Mr. Interesting and the U.S. Border Guard
    Ad: Desperate Measures Perfume
    Beam of God's Pure Love
    Mr. Interesting Meets the U.S. Coast Guard
    Mr. Interesting Gets into the U.S. - Outro

    Show #2 - July 15 2000

    Intro - Mr. Interesting Intros the Show
    The Difference Between Americans and Canadians #1
    The Thousandth Pizza
    The Kidnapping - Part 1
    I Don't Like Chicken
    A Cleaning Woman Fantasies
    The Kidnapping - Part 2
    The American Bar and Grill - Outro

    Show #3 - July 22 2000

    Intro - Kansas
    The Anti-Fish Sign
    Who Needs the Pain
    The Greasy Local
    Don't Interrupt My Show
    The Interesting-Mobile is Fixed
    Motivational Speaker for Death Row Inmates
    The Living Dead Problem
    Song: I'm in Love with A Mechanical Bull
    Zombies With Attitude - Outro

    Show #4 - July 29 2000

    Intro - Las Vegas, New Mexico
    Gas Station Robbery
    Gay Friendly Shoes
    Mr. Smartypants
    Fish Oil
    Throwing Your Shame into the Grand Canyon
    Eddie Dies - Outro

    Show #5 - August 5 2000

    Intro - Mr. Interesting in the High Desert
    The Mexican Hairless
    Mr. Interesting Gets Rolled
    New Age Wood Cutters
    Mr. Interesting at Rosie's Bar
    Daisy Confronts Rosie - Outro

    Show #6 - August 12 2000

    Intro - Reluctant Rectal-Probing Aliens
    Sulphur Man Has A Bad Day
    A Little Girl Visits a Hollywood Studio
    Mr. Interesting Dies - Outro

    * This skit was later used on one of the Frantics' two records.

    ** This skit was later used in the television series, "Four on the Floor"