Goldfish for Annie

Adding further to our menagerie we went to the local pet store by Queen and Coxwell today in order to get a small aquarium and goldfish for Annie. She’s been wanting her own pet for a while now, and since Vanessa has been cleaning up after my Aunt Jane’s cat Nick (who we have been “cat sitting” while she is away on her regular holiday season trip to visit with friends in Seattle) in order to prove she can handle a cat of her own, it only seems fair to get Annie something she can look after.

I picked out a small Hagan-made aquarium kit. Small (less than 8 litres) and wholly made of molded plastic (so no seals between glass and metal that could fail), it also came with colourful orange gravel (which matches the trim and the plastic cover) a filter, plus some goldfish food and some water conditioner.

We picked out three fish. Annie chose the smallest goldfish available from a “feeder” tank and named it “Goldie” (of course). I also let her choose one from a tank of small fancy goldfish above it, whose mottled white and gold colouring she called “Snowgold”. The pet shop owner then let Vanessa pick one out and she picked a somewhat larger goldfish from the feeder tank she named “Clicker”.

Assembly took next to no time, especially since both girls were keen to help out, and so all three fish we in their new home within half an hour of us bringing them home.

Annie was beaming with happiness at the end of it all.

Next, a new kitten for Vanessa.

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