How Much Longer will Record Stores Last?

Joined Bill for a lunch at the nearby Hillcrest Mall, and took a pic of the storefront of the Sunrise Records store there.

If you had asked me years ago as to which record chain would be among the last to be viable, Sunrise would definitely not have been at the top of my list. Almost always more expensive and less selection than their competitors Sam the Record Man and A&A Records, but I think they aimed for niche markets where competition was largely absent. I can’t say I honestly know, but whatever the reason, they are seemingly the last survivor of the declining retail-sale music industry, what with Sam’s going bankrupt last year and A&A even earlier than that.

Even as it is, this particular store almost has a token selection of CDs, with an equal amount of shelf-space set aside for DVDs, and for paraphernalia (t-shirts, models, posters, etc).

Sunrise Records Storefront in Hillcrest Mall

Sunrise Records Storefront in Hillcrest Mall

After lunch I went for a quick wander in this store, and didn’t come away with anything.

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