Last Morning in Barbados

This was our last morning in Barbados. Penny, an old friend of Josef’s who lives in Barbados was to join us for our sail out to The Grenadines. So this was my last chance to take some pictures in and around the marina where we were berthed.

A coconut palm with an unripened coconut.

The customs house/office building at the marina.

Looking north-west from the bridge

White flowers against a blue shy

The bridge rimmed with purple flowers, and a palm tree

Annie and Vanessa on deck having a fruit drink before we set off for sail.

The S/Y Volterra docked, with hatches open

Close-up of a block of coral rock that lined the beach

Josef at the wheel with Matthias in the background

Penny and Josef

Jennifer ties up the boat fenders as wet set out from Barbados

Matthias and Jean-Claude put up the main sail

The mainsail hoisted

It wasn’t long before Annie, Vanessa and I started feeling queasy. We took some medication but it didn’t do the trick for us; the girls were repeatedly seasick and I came down with a nasty migraine. Penny couldn’t go below decks without feeling ill so she slept out under the stars on deck. It was the first long sail for myself and the girls — the first of many, though thankfully this was the longest single sail over the course of our trip.

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