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My wife and I live in the historic city of Kingston, Ontario, Canada.   I am a lawyer by profession…but have strong interests in travel, music and sports.   I especially enjoy winter sports such as ice hockey, curling and alpine skiing.

Beginning in early 2014, I will be embarking on a year (more or less) of travel and learning.   Through this blog, I look forward to sharing this exciting year with you!

UPDATE:  November 12, 2014

My travel year has been great so far and I still have one major trip coming up.  I’m just starting an exciting new job but will continue blogging for the foreseeable future.  Once I’ve finished my current odyssey, I’ll be sharing some photos and stories from past travels…and, naturally, documenting new travels as they occur!

UPDATE:  July 9, 2016

The odyssey continues!  Stay tuned for even more new travels and flashbacks from prior trips.

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4 thoughts on “About Me”

  1. Thank you for inviting me to your blog with me. I am looking forward to share your future travels, maybe some will take me back in time. Be safe and stay in touch!

  2. Hi Pierre,

    Love the blog already! I know you don’t want to give away too much about what you are doing or where you are going, but since we are in the “about me” section, I thought maybe you could share a bit more about what you are like when you travel. I thought fellow blog readers might be interested too…

    • Do you think you will be staying in more hotels or hostels?
    • Once you are in a country, how to you like to travel around most? Trains? Buses? Walking? Hitch-hiking and depending on the kindness of strangers?
    • Do you stick closely to your itinerary or give yourself leeway to get taken off course as you are exploring?
    • What do you think you will visit more: cathedrals or soccer stadia?
    • Do you like to try out new tastes in each stop or hunt down familiar flavours?
    • When you need to ask a local a question, are you the kind of traveller who would rather risk offence by asking (perhaps poorly) in the country’s native language or risk offence by asking in a lingua franca? (English, French etc)
    • Do you think you will go into a MacDonald’s just once to try one of the unusual items they have on the menu in other countries?
    • How many stamps do you have in your passport already?
    • What’s the line for the over/under on new stamps in your passport for this year? I’d set it at 3.5, taking action on the over (if gambling were legal, that is)…

    Can’t wait too read about your travels, enjoy every moment.

    1. Hi Ian,

      You’ve asked some excellent questions. In fact, I think that I will address some of them in my final “Base Camp” post before leaving!

      Your passport stamp question is interesting, given that I have travelled mostly in Europe and passport-stamping is not done there very often these days. In my current passport, I count 6 stamps.

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