Things Seen While Waiting at Denver International Airport

Am heading down to the Content Management Strategies/DITA North America
Conference 2008 conference in Santa Clara, California, and got off for an extended wait at Denver International Airport, which has to rate as one of the world’s dullest international airports. Basically a single, straight line with lots of docking bays for aiplane flanking out on either side. It sports the smallest Duty Free shop I’ve ever seen (with a selection to match) and a few sizable decorations, which are kinda cool. Thankfully I had my camera and my notebook with me so I could capture them.

An Alexander Eaglerock Model A-14 biplane hanging from the ceiling

Clouds, mountains, tarmac, airplane

Statue of Apollo 13 astronaut John Swigert, Jr.

Waiting for the airplane to be ready

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