Vanessa’s Teeth Redux

Not the best day for Vanessa, as she had to have two more of her teeth pulled out in order to “make room” for her ongoing orthodontic treatment.

I’d been given to understand that only one of the two teeth that needed taking out was to be done today, but the orthodontist had in fact left instructions that both were to come out at once. Not surprisingly Vanessa felt put upon, especially since the dentist also found a small cavity (Vanessa’s first) that needed filling.

After picking her up from her dentist I delivered her to her tutor, which I understand was done largely with non-verbal gestures and grunts of “yes” and “no” until her gums stopped bleeding.

Treated her and the whole family to a sushi dinner afterwards at a small hole-in-the-wall sushi joint that was nearby, and then literally next door for a healthy scoop from Ed’s Ice Cream.

She was smiling by the end of the evening, which made it all worthwhile.

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