Visit to the Dr Who Experience

This was my first full, real vacation day away from anything having to do with the conference I was attending earlier in the week, so I took the opportunity to head down to London with the girls.

One thing that we had all wanted to see was the Dr. Who Experience, an exhibition being held at the Olympia Exhibition Center. While you cannot take pics of the actual “Experience” itself, which is an interactive set of movies/displays where you have to rescue the latest Doctor from the clutches of the Pandorica Mark II. Along the way you get to go inside the Doctor’s Tardis and play around in his control room, then land on a Dalek ship in the middle of a war, then get to see a short 3D movie where various Doctor Who baddies try to reach at you from the screen. I couldn’t shoot any of that, but I was allowed to shoot everything else that you see here.

(Since this is a popular page, I have added a few more images to the gallery below).

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